Store.fetch is not a function (dojo)

I am trying to implement filteringselect(dojo)

I am trying to get values ​​from memory. I can see filteringselect

on my page, but it returns nothing and firebug keeps saying that store.fetch is not a function

Below is a code snippet. Any hints?

store1 = new{data: fArr});
   var f1 = new dijit.form.FilteringSelect({
                    name: "Ans",
                    searchAttr: "No",
                    placeHolder: "Select",
                    store: store1
                }, "filteringSelect");
        f1 .placeAt("s1");




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store:{ objectStore:store1})

it worked for me ..


source is using the new store API and FilteringSelect is trying to access it with the old API (fetch).

You can try using the adapter to pass the new style store to what the old interface expects.

new dijit.form.FilteringSelect({




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