Crafting Gems with App Assets

I followed to create a gem with a packer and this is great for gems where I only need the lib, is there a standard practice for gem stones where do I need to create widgets with assets / controllers / models / views?


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You would like to create an engine at this point. Reading the engine manual should get you off to a great start.

The bare-bones components you need inside your gem is a file in lib/your_gem.rb

that serves a purpose simply to demand from your gem. If your gem has no other dependencies then it looks like this:

require 'your_gem/engine'


One line, so much power. For the file lib/your_gem/engine.rb

that is required for this, there is this code:

module YourGem
  class Engine < Rails::Engine


By simply inheriting from Rails::Engine

, this calls the inheritance hook on Rails::Engine

, which notifies the framework that there is an engine at the location of your gem.

If you then create the file in app/assets/stylesheets/your_gem/beauty.css

, you can include it in your application (assuming you have a resource pipeline, of course) using this line:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag "your_gem/beauty" %>


Now that I have given you the short version, I really recommend reading the Top-down Engine Manual to better understand it.



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