Optional C ++ user argument

I am creating a program for an IL editor. The user is prompted for a control character to make changes to the file. I am having problems with the "D" command which deletes either a single line of text or a range of text.

input D:
        D 3       --deletes line 3
        D 2 8     --deletes lines 2 to 8 inclusively 


How do you do it so that the second line is optional? I have cin <char <int <int, but I can't find a way to make this optional.


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std::string line; 


and then parse the string manually by first splitting it into words.

It might be helpful to have a function:

void ToWords(const std::string &line, std::vector<std::string> &words);


But implementation is left as an exercise for the reader; -).



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