Suitable embedded system for imaging and gps / gsm

I am working on a project where I would like to install an embedded system in a specific location, the system is equipped with a camera, the system needs to perform image processing functions on images received from the camera.

The system needs to be connected using gps and gsm modules.

I am in the process of selecting the required hardware, I am thinking of using a beagle board or FPGA, which one is more suitable for my application? Do you recommend other boards? do you know any gsm or gps modules that can be paired with these modules?



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If your image processing algorithms are too intensive, I suggest you consider FPGA. Otherwise, the Beagle board is fine.



What is the interface to your camera? USB / FireWire / I2C / others? If the Beagle Board supports what you need and can handle the processing, this is probably the easiest way - FireWire and USB interfaces are not entirely trivial for FPGAs unless you can get the board and the corresponding Linux distro for it where everything is set up and works out of the box (and it will probably be expensive then ...).

GPS modules are usually connected via a simple serial connection, so this shouldn't be a problem for any solution.



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