How do I specify spaces in findstr on Windows?

I want to include spaces after a certain word (SetupAX) that I am looking for in the file.

I am trying to find findstr command this way -

   findstr /n /r "SetupAX[ \r\n\t]" XYZ.frm


However, this doesn't work. If I do not put spaces I get results as -

   findstr /n /r "SetupAX" XYZ.frm

   158: If Filled() Then Call SetupAXForB
   170: SetupAXForC
   196: SetupAX          //<-- correct
   242: Call SetupAX     //<-- correct
   276: Call SetupAXN


How do I get around this? I only want "SetupAX" instances, not "SetupAX ...". Thank.


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How about using a word matching expression ?

findstr /n /r "SetupAX\>" XYZ.frm




findstr -n -r -c:"SetupAX[ \r\n\t]"

works only partially. It matches neither \n

, nor \r


With regular regular expressions, it can be written as SetupAX[ ]|$

, but findstr doesn't support alternatives ( |

). Therefore, you need to search twice: "SetupAX" and "SetupAX $"



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