Why am I seeing close button twice when using cluetip

I am using jquery cluetip and I noticed that in some cases I click on elements for the first time it shows the text CLOSE twice, when I click a second time it only shows once. So the first time I see this:

enter image description here

and the second time I see this:

enter image description here

Has anyone seen this before? I have a few cluetips on the page, but I can't see how this would manage this. Here is my javascript code for the cluetip:

    width: '500px',
    showTitle: false,
    topOffset: 25,
    leftOffset: 5,
    positionBy: 'bottomTop',
    cluetipClass: 'jtip',
    activation: 'click',
    hoverIntent: {
        sensitivity: 7,
        interval: 100,
        timeout: 500
    sticky: true,
    mouseOutClose: true,
    ajaxSettings: {
        dataType: 'json'
    ajaxProcess: function (data) {

        return data.Content;


I see that a bug was raised here and on this forum as well , but I don't see any solutions or suggestions.


Not sure if this is helpful, but I am fixing a "double" situation in firebug and here is the generated html. As you can see there are several elements with id = "cluetip-close"

   <div id="cluetip-inner"><div id="cluetip-close"><a href="#">Close</a></div><div id="cluetip-close"><a href="#">Close</a></div>


I debugged the cluetip code and when I get multiple closures I notice that when it hits this line:

  if (opts.sticky) {
    var $closeLink = $('<div id="cluetip-close"><a href="#">' + opts.closeText + '</a></div>');


$ cluetipInner already has'

I still can't figure out what situation this is happening in. The only way I can reproduce it is to clear my entire browser cache and restart it. Maybe some kind of ajax callback problem?


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I think this issue has been fixed and fixed. Here fixes close link inserted multiple times in some cases. Fixes # 34



You can try this code:



This will remove the second instance of the closing div



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