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Schema or reference for maven-metadata.xml in maven 3 (specifically for <latest / ">, <release /">)?

I can see the Nexus OSS repo manager (re) generating the following maven-metadata.xml and cannot find any information on what the following properties mean (or where can I find a link to maven-metata.xml - similar to pom.xml )

  • the last one is not the last one or the lastUpdated timestamp in our case. The Nexus FAQ says this only applies to plugin artifacts. Is it really so? Is it benign or harmful when present for artifacts without plugins?
  • release - what is the meaning of this property? When used for SNAPSHOT artifacts?

The maven-metadata.xml artifact - generated by Nexus:




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Here are some links to the file maven-metadata.xml

. In this case, a simple Google might help.



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