Apply function to every pair of columns in two matrices in MATLAB

In MATLAB, I would like to apply a function to each pair of column vectors in matrices A

and B

. I know there must be an efficient (not for

) way to do this, but I cannot figure it out. The function will output a scalar.


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na = size(A,1);
nb = size(B,1);
newvector = bsxfun(@(j,k)(func(A(j,:),B(k,:))),1:na,(1:nb)');



performs one-color expansion by 1: na and (1: nb) '. The end result in this case is that func will be applied to every pair of column vectors taken from A and B.

Note that bsxfun can be tricky: it may require the application function to support singleton expansion. In this case, it will work to get the job done.



Do you mean in pairs? So during the loop, the function will work like scalar_val = func(A(i),B(i))


If A

both B

are the same size, you can use the ARRAYFUN function :

newvector = arrayfun(@(x) func(A(x),B(x)), 1:numel(A));



As per your comment, you need to execute all combinations of A and B as scalar_val = func(A(i), B(j))

. This is a little more complicated and for large vectors it can fill up memory quickly.

If your function is standard, you can try using BSXFUN :

out = bsxfun(@plus, A, B');


Another way is to use MESHGRID and ARRAYFUN:

[Am, Bm] = meshgrid(A,B);
out = arrayfun(@(x) func(Am(x),Bm(x)), 1:numel(Am));
out = reshape(out, numel(A), numel(B));


I believe it should work, but I don't have time to test it now.



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