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I know you can connect to a remote X11 server to use them as your local X11 system.

My question is, can you connect multiple computers to collaborate and display (via their video outputs) a unique instance of the X11 desktop?

Or another phrase: Can you handle and display an image with multiple X11 servers?


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Take a look at the Multihead X Distributed Project



X11 is a protocol. If you use it over the network, the GUI application you launch remotely actually connects to the local X11 server. So yes, you can have multiple clients running on a server that appear on different X11 servers. When it comes to image processing using X11 server - what do you really mean? The only thing that comes to mind is multiple monitors. If yes, then yes - you can use a dedicated X11 server for each monitor.



If I understand your question correctly, you want multiple computers to cooperate while displaying a single X11 display. It's impossible.

However, you can have multiple video cards on the same computer and use the Xinerama extension so that multiple cards display one logical X server.This may allow you to use one machine to easily manage multiple monitors. (With graphics cards that support multiple outputs, you should get up to four or six monitors without too much trouble. Dozens can be very complex.)

I cannot think of any mechanism that would allow a single keyboard and mouse to work reliably across multiple monitors controlled by multiple computers. But if your problem is significantly limited (if it does indeed view the image across multiple X servers), then you could write a client application that only displays a portion of the image and runs multiple clients, each of which only displays a portion of the image - which when combined looks like the image is easily displayed by several systems at the same time. This is definitely a little awkward as coordinating the system will take some thought.



If you want to drag windows from one screen to another, or display part of the window here and another part of it, then no, this is not possible with existing off-the-shelf software. You can try changing a "virtual" X server like Xephyr to use multiple X server servers for parts of its framebuffer. It's not entirely trivial, but it should be much easier than writing your own multi-core X server from scratch.

If you want to clone a single desktop across many displays connected to different computers, you can try running VNC or RDP clients on all but one display.



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