Rails admin with witchcraft

I am trying to install the Rails Admin Gem using Sorcery for authentication instead of Devise.

The Rails administrator provides a binding that you can use to attach your own authentication method. Here's an example they provide in their docs (with the help of an overseer):

config.authenticate_with do
  warden.authenticate! :scope => :admin
config.current_user_method { current_admin }


I guess inside the block I need to reference before_filter

which Sorcery is using to authenticate users, which will be require_login


However, when I try to do this and I try to visit /admin

on logout, I get a routing error:

No route matches {:action=>"new", :controller=>"sessions"}


This is probably because I am being redirected in the engine and not in the main application.

How can I set this up correctly?


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# config/initializers/rails_admin.rb
RailsAdmin.config do |config|
  config.authenticate_with do
    # Use sorcery before filter to auth users

# app/controllers/application_controller.rb
class ApplicationController
  # Overwrite the method sorcery calls when it
  # detects a non-authenticated request.
  def not_authenticated
    # Make sure that we reference the route from the main app.
    redirect_to main_app.login_path




If you use a stone Kankanchana Sorcery, you must add config.current_user_method(&:current_user)

to your config/initializers/rails_admin.rb

file, or you get an error message: You are not authorized




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