UI automation - how to capture - recording with javascript editor

MobileSafari.app doesn't have accessibility shortcuts is there a way to capture (record) events so that I can use in javascript to automate the UI?

there was a previous post that did this statement but didnt provide any instructions on how to write with a javascript editor

details please

Thank you in advance!


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Just open a new script in your Instrument session and click the little record button at the bottom of the page (will appear in the screenshot). Now use your application and you should get things like this:
enter image description here

Now you can see the meaning or name of your buttons and use it to write your own scripts. I am not a programmer, so this tool is very useful for me.
Hope it works for you too. :)



First, print the element hierarchy on whatever object you want and you can access the elements through indexing. Example: target.logElementTree ();



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