Is it safe to distribute exported IntelliJ settings?

I recently exported my settings from my IDE to share with friends. I am planning to put them in a shared public place, so I was wondering if IntelliJ is exporting any sensitive information (stored password hashes, etc.) that I should be aware of. If it matters, I'm using the GitHub add-on and the Scala plugin, and the most recent version of the IntelliJ Community Edition.

I am asking the question (as a new IntelliJ user and long-time Studio user). I know that Studio warns you about possible sensitive information when exporting settings and excludes it by default. I haven't seen such a warning in IntelliJ, and I'm wondering if it's because there is nothing to worry about, or ...

Thanks in advance!


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Good question.

I wanted to test it too, so I exported my settings to look around. I didn't find any passwords or credentials there, but there were some things that could be considered "personal":

  • File header templates - mine, for example, contained my email.
  • The last open path of the project location.
  • Recently Opened Projects - for the Reopen dialog.
  • RECENT_DIR_STRINGS - Not sure what they are used for, but my filesystem contained about 25 code directory paths.

So, for the sum - if you haven't worked on some secret projects on the side, it seems like it's safe to share it with colleagues and friends. Be careful to publish your settings to the public domain.



I think this feature is meant to be used with a config server - free (if you have the Ultimate version) that allows a developer to migrate their settings from one machine to another.

So it's probably not meant to be shared.



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