Important DONT for good Android app design (beginner / beginner level)?

Can anyone point to a good source or come up with a short list of conceptual android DONT programs when developing an application?

I do not want my question to be vague, so I will give dummy examples (which may not make any sense or may be completely wrong) to explain what answers I am looking for, for example:

For example: by avoiding this help, you are developing / programming robust Android apps.

  • Do not block while waiting for a server response OR Do not use this logic in the OnReceive of a broadcast listener ...
  • The IntentService extension is better than the blah blah mode service extension.
  • Don't create themes inside OnDestroy () for actions ... etc etc.

Hope you understand. I know these can be endless cases and donations, but I'm looking for the most important basic ones that a beginner / beginner should keep in mind in order for them to be good Android programmers.



By design, I mean both programming (logic) and user interface, not just appearance.

Inform more importantly what comes with experience and is not mentioned in books or textbooks due to the nature of these principles / tricks. They may not be entirely correct or incorrect, but better or worse. Because they will not teach you a new concept, but they will help you get rid of a bad programming / design habit.


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  • The most important aspect of mobile app development is the look and feel of your app. Here are the Android design principles that give you killer design skills.

  • This is a great resource that I found written and explained by Roto Meier.

  • What would be a better tutorial than the Android developer site itself

  • This is the only resource that is very helpful if you are starting out

  • Here is the same question asked on Stack Overflow

  • Android 4.0 provides strict mode, so check this one to see what it is

  • To create the perfect application on any platform, the first basic thing you need to know is how to divide operations into tasks to keep the application running smoothly, multithreading is an important aspect of mobile development, this is an excellent link that shows how to create multithreaded Android apps.

  • Of course, there is a need to test the app on different devices to make sure the user interface looks perfect and the app runs smoothly. You also need to make sure your app works on different screen sizes.



the link below can guide you on what to do and not to do in android app development.



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