How do I change the mouse cursor icon?

I am using Url.Action () method to load a view. Since access to heavy data is required, it takes time. How to change the mouse cursor to wait. Please help me.


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With jquery, you can try this:

$('#test').on("click", function() { 
    $('body').css('cursor', 'wait'); 


Here is a jsfiddle example:



Using jquery u can use this

$('body').css('cursor', 'wait');


after that when download is complete run this

 $('body').css('cursor', 'default');




You cannot change the mouse cursor. You could have been in the old days (IE 3, NS 4), but this is 2012 now, not 1997. At best, you can run spinloop to block the entire web browser until you have the data you need needed ... but it's not nice and can't even work with modern browsers. Just start the "loading ..." graphics. You can even use an hourglass!



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