How to open a PDF document on iPad from an AIR for iOS application

I am making an AIR for iOS application that can download PDF files. I don't want to display the pdf in the application itself, but I want the default PDF viewer (iBooks) to launch and display the pdf. How this can be done.

I am aware that navigateToURL can be used to open a file using the iBooks uri schema. But I don't know how to tell iBooks to look in my app's app directory. (Or is there some kind of secret directory to put the file inside the app where iBooks can find it)

I'm having a hard time determining what should be the expected behavior. I can open iBooks from within the app, but where should I put the file so the iBooks can get to it?

Any pointers or help would be greatly appreciated as this is a somewhat indicative stopper.


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If a simple navigateToURL won't work as expected, then I would suggest you look at AIR Native Extensions (ANE) and UIDocumentInteractionController (+ blog post ).



Try this library

I have not used it personally. This allows you to fetch text / content and output back to the flash / flex application.



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