50 MB limit for Adobe AIR Android app

I have an application built with Adobe AIR for Android. The APK is 108MB, which exceeds the 50MB limit imposed by Google. The instructions given here http://developer.android.com/guide/market/expansion-files.html are for native apps. Are there any similar instructions for Android AIR applications?


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You can use modules in Air, just like these extension files work for APKs.

However, I have to preset the file size. 108megs is massive for the application. Never in my career have I seen an app larger than 25 million. In order for it to be 108 megabytes, you had to be extra careless about optimizing the file size and just store things that are not needed inside the project.

The best solution is to clean up the project and familiarize yourself with file optimization (for example, using vector graphics instead of bitmaps).



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