Can i get the location of a mobile device in j2me without GPS service using information from a cell tower

Can I get the location of mobile devices from j2me programming without installing a GPS module?

Is it possible to get location using cell info? I 've heard about triangulation .

And went through doc

In this document, they have given the code only for mobile phones that have a GPS application.

But what about others who don't have GPS in them? How can they get the location?

update I got a link that answers my question:


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You can get the ID of the nearest cell. The way it is taken, however, differs from manufacturers. On Nokia phones, you can get something like this:

cellID   = System.getProperty("Cell-ID");
if (cellID == null)
    cellID   = System.getProperty("");


while on Sony Ericsson you have this:



Once you get the cell id, you can easily use the OpencellID API to get more information (coordinates and all of that) about the id.Two problems with this is that

  • Cell IDs can be inaccurate up to a kilometer away
  • Information may not be available on


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