Buying Apple In-App without StoreKit?

Even though you know the appstore rules, especially the use of IAP. Our company is developing an application that will offer downloadable content [music, videos, etc.] There are several problems, but one of the first is the IAP on iOS.

After reading all the docs and questions [on stackoverflow], I'm 100% sure that we need to implement Apple's API for processing payments and we can't use our own.

But there are several apps in the AppStore that offer products without using IAP. one example is the goDaddy app where you can use an iOS app and buy a domain using CC without IAP.

I would like, if possible, suggestions on how this can be done?


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Put it very succinctly:

If the purchased item is to be "consumed" on the device, such as music, additional levels for the game, or something that then needs to be used iAP. If the purchased item is not consumed on the device, then iAP does not need to be used. For example, paying your gas bill, buying something on eBay, buying dvds or physical books from amazon; or use your Go Daddy domain name example.



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