How to write all parts of an assembly in a text file

I want all the assembly details to be saved in a text file. How to get detailed information use post build event


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You can create a batch file and just pipe the output to a file

For example, create a build.bat file and add the following:

:: Test build script
:: Setup command line for build
if "%DevEnvDir%=="" (
   echo "Setting up PATH"
   :: use VS80 for VS2005 solution, VS90 for VS2008 solution,
   :: or VS100 for VS2010 solution
   call %VS90COMNTOOLS%vsvars32.bat" x86
msbuild YourProject.sln /t:Rebuild /propertyConfiguration=release > Log.txt
if %ERRORLEVEL%==0 echo "Build Succeeded"
if not %ERRORLEVEL%==0 echo "Build Failed, See Log.txt"


This is just an example, but this will log the output to the Log.txt file.



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