Is html 5 canvas hardware accelerated on android chrome beta?

I have done some tests on html 5 canvas in android vs chrome beta browser. The results favor the default Android browser, although chrome: // gpu shows the canvas is hardware accelerated.

Test example: - blank canvas with 8 small images (152 x 128, PNG): 14fps in Android browser vs 13fps in Chrome

Test platform: Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 Operating system: Android 4.0.3, Chrome beta 0.16.4301.233

Is html 5 canvas hardware on android chrome beta?


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Yes HTML5 canvas is hardware accelerated in Chrome for Android, but keep in mind that it's in beta. Please report the bug and attach your test cases.



Well, it depends on the device you are using. Some phones / tablets are accelerated , others are not . Some androids also allow users to enable / disable gpu acceleration.



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