Add item to java array

Here is the layout

index   num 
0      [10]
1      [20]
2      [30]
 (Add 35 here)
3      [40] Move elements down
4      [50]
5      [60]
6      [70]


then my method is

public static void method(int[] num, int index, int addnum)



How can I add 35?

Tried this:

public static void method(int[] num, int index, int addnum)
int index = 10;
for(int k = num.length k>3; k++)
    Num[3] = 35;



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Since this is something you have to accomplish yourself, I will only suggest his method, not the code:

If you set a number at a position index

, you must overwrite the value that was there previously. So what you need to do is move each element one position at a time to the end of the array, starting at index

: num[x]

becomes num[x+1]

, etc.

You will find out that you need to do it in reverse order, otherwise you will fill your array with a value in num[index]


During this process, you will need to decide what to do with the last entry of the array ( num[num.length - 1]


  • You can just overwrite it by dropping the value
  • You can return it from your function
  • You can throw an exception if it is nonzero.
  • You can create a new array that will contain 1 entry more than the current array to keep all values
  • and etc.

After that, you duplicate num[index]

: this value is also present in num[index+1]

, since you deleted it.

Now you can write the new value to the desired position without overriding the existing value.


There are several errors in the code:

  • You increase k

    , you need to decrease it ( k--

    , not k++

  • You are changing again k

    in your loop body: it is updated twice in every loop
  • If you start with k = num.length

    , you try to write in num[num.length + 1]

    , which is impossible


You need

  • allocate a new array with room for one new element.

    int[] newArray = new int[oldArray.length + 1];

  • Copy all the elements and leave some space for pasting.

    for (int i = 0; i < newArray.length - 1; i++)
        newArray[i < insertIndex ? i : i + 1] = oldArray[i];

  • Insert 35 in the blank space.

    newArray[insertIndex] = numberToInsert;

Note that this is not possible in a method like this:

public static void method(int[] num, int index, int addnum)


since you cannot change the length num


You need to allocate a new array, which means you need to return a new array:

public static int[] method(int[] num, int index, int addnum)


and then call the method like this:

myArr = method(myArr, 3, 35);




Very roughly, you want to do something like this:

public static void(int[] num, int index, int addnum)
    // initialize new array with size of current array plus room for new element
    int[] newArray = new int[num.length + 1]; 

    // loop until we reach point of insertion of new element
    // copy the value from the same position in old array over to
    // same position in new array
    for(int i = 0; i < index; i++)
        newArray[i] = num[i]; 
    i = i + 1; // move to position to insert new value

    newArray[i] = addnum; // insert the value

    // loop until you reach the length of the old array 
    while(i < num.length)
        newArray[i] = num[i-1];

    // finally copy last value over
    newArray[i + 1] = num[i]; 




Well, you can't if you don't have "extra space" in your array, and then you can shift all elements [starting from index

] one element to the right and add 35 [ num

] to the appropriate place.
[what actually happens is that the last element is discarded].

However, the best solution would probably be to use ArrayList and use the methodmyArrayList.add(index,element)



Since this closely resembles homework, you need to understand that you cannot dynamically increase the size of an array. So in your function:

    public static void(int[] num, int index, int addnum)
       int[] temp = new int[num.length *2];  
       for(int i = 0; i < index; i++)  
            copy num[i] into temp[i]  
       insert addnum into temp[index]  
       fill temp with remaining num values


This pseudocode above should get you started.



What you are looking for is a sort insert .

This is a cool job, so you need to figure out the correct code.



How about this?

public class test {
public static void main(String[] arg) throws IOException
int[] myarray={1,2,3,5,6};//4 is missing we are going to add 4
int[] temp_myarray=myarray;//take a temp array
myarray=addElement(myarray,0);//increase length of myarray and add any value(I take 0) to the end
for(int i=0;i<myarray.length;i++)
{   if(i==3) //becaues I want to add the value 4 in 4th place
    else if(i>3)
for(int i=0;i<myarray.length;i++)
    System.out.print(myarray[i]);//Print new array

static int[] addElement(int[] arr, int elem) {
    arr  = Arrays.copyOf(arr, arr.length + 1);
    arr[arr.length - 1] = elem;
    return arr;




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