Is there a specification or documentation for

I recently discovered trying to resolve

on (at least OSX Lion) to, is there a specification or documentation for this?

I am asking because it seems that (at least on OSX Lion) this is only available when the network connection is active (note that the network connection should not provide Internet access).

Update: This question is somewhat irrelevant right now as the domain

appears to have expired as the link

is an alternative.


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I don't think it is OS X specific, it also solves

;              IN      A

;; ANSWER SECTION:       86373   IN      A


NS records:

;; ANSWER SECTION:       86400   IN      NS       86400   IN      NS


It also looks like it is maintained by a private owner .

What kind of documentation are you looking for? Not much to say that only the domain name permits




It works simply because someone registered that name!

You don't have to rely on it - they can change the address it points to, such as a site containing a browser exploit ...



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