Linq at visual studio 2005

I was wondering how to install linq on visual studio 2005 without updating the .net version of framewok, thanks


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LINQ is part of C # 3.0. It is not available in C # 2.0, which is the only version supported by VS 2005. Thus, you won't be able to use LINQ without having at least VS 2008 installed.



You do not have.

"Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) is a set of features in Visual Studio 2008 that extends syntax query capabilities to the syntax of C # and Visual Basic. LINQ provides standard, easily recognizable patterns for querying and updating data, and this technology can be extended to support for potentially any data store. Visual Studio 2008 includes LINQ provider assemblies that enable you to use LINQ with .NET Framework collections, SQL Server databases, ADO.NET datasets, and XML documents. "

Source - Microsoft



If I am wrong, Visual Studio 2005 supports up to .Net 3.0 whereas LINQ requires 3.5, so this cannot be done.



As noted, this is part of C # 3.0, so VS2005 doesn't really support it.

If you look at LINQ in VS2005 , there is a way to make it work, but it doesn't support anonymous types, which takes away some of the power of LINQ.



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