How can Orchard leave without calling RenderBody?

Ive analyzed the rendering and rendering engine of Orchard CMS to understand how it is combined. I found that neither RenderBody nor RenderSection is ever named. I understand that the Razor view engine requires calling one or the other.

What's going on around the requirement that RenderBody or RenderSection should be called, or is an exception thrown by Razor?

Is it the fact that theres a custom view engine (ThemeAwareViewEngine)? If so, how does it handle parsing Razor syntax for content creation?



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In fact, the opposite is true. Razor

itself does not require that it be RenderBody

named RazorViewEngine

that has this requirement. There could definitely be a different view engine that Razor uses that has a completely different way of working. Take a look at or I've also written a markdown viewer that uses a razor for some simple layouts.

From reading the source, it appears that they have created several custom viewers. They are RazorViewEngine

replaced by a base class for razor-generated files of its own WebViewPage

, which has a method Display

for which it Zone

is an alias. This is what allows them to display child views, it looks like LayoutAwareViewEngine

there are several types of zones such as DocumentZone

, ContentZone


So in the end they made a lot of custom code.



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