Unique Customer ID in Amazon Marketplace Web Services

I am importing customers from Amazon to integrate with our ordering system and want to avoid duplicate customers as we make a lot of sales on Amazon.

Is there any report or API that will allow me to get a unique customer ID that will never change for that customer no matter how many orders are placed?

I thought about the anonymous email that Amazon makes available, however I'm not sure if this will change, or if it's a static value as it is not mentioned in the API documentation.

Has anyone else found a solution for this or have any suggestion?


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The key is the buyer's email and is available from the order reports or from the Amazon shipment report.

The shipment data report produced by Amazon will not include customer email information under certain circumstances, however, order reports will always include customer email.

The Amazon documentation states:

Are there separate email addresses for each stream? Not. The anonymous email alias remains the same for all contacts you have for each individual customer. Use the customer's anonymous email address as a unique identifier to track conversations across multiple orders.



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