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I am working on a project on Google AppEngine where I am using datastore and memcache. For testing purposes, I go to the dashboard and change and save some values โ€‹โ€‹of some of the stored objects in the datastore. However, since they are already in memcache, I am assuming the changes do not reflect the application. Using Admin / Control Panel, is there a way to force reload these objects into memcache from the datastore, or at least to clear memcache?

Thanks, Hazem


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With the release of SDK 1.6.4 today, the memcache page has been added to the production control panel. It has a button that allows you to hide memcache (as well as other functions).

This does not solve the problem of automatically controlling the memcache version of your objects. To do this, you can look into the NDB library (new standard library in SDK 1.6.4), which automatically caches your objects as you use them and flushes the cache as needed. It has many other features as well. I haven't used it yet, but it certainly sounds good:

UPDATED on March 27th now that SDK 1.6.4 has finished and I can confirm that it contains the memcache control panel.



Alternatively: I suppose you could use the Remote API , start a shell and execute eg.memcache.flush_all()



no no. make a handler to do it for you and when you need to reset memcache you can just hit that url



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