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I would really like to add an image to the help file created in Sandcastle for the program.

I followed closely the Sandcastle for hours and I still can not get a picture, but I managed to get a small placeholder for the display: Image Placeholder.

I'm pretty sure the image path is correct, because when I had the wrong path, there was an "X" instead.

I have tried setting the BuildAction for the image as both Image

(default) and Content

(recommended in the Sandcastle FAQ).

This is what the XML comment looks like: <img scr="art/Image.png"></img>

I feel like I've done everything I can to get this to work and the image still won't show up. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


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The item catalog should be relative to where the help file was generated. Typically the html directory. For example:



In this case:

/// <summary>Super Great Method</summary>
/// <remarks>A picture: <br />
/// <img src="../art/myImage.jpg" />
/// </remarks>


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When adding an image to a conceptual help file, this method works.



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