Integrating an external highlighting tool in the Eclipse editor

Ok, this is probably easy, but I don't know the right words to describe this, and hence google it ...

I have an external script that takes a filename and outputs this:

/path/to/ E501 line too long (85 characters)
/path/to/ other error message


Now I know that this output format is widely used by other, very simple IDEs, for example. EditPlus. I don't know how to integrate it with Eclipse.

I want this script to be integrated with my editor windows. I want Eclipse to run it in the background, every time I save the file, and then parse the results and mark all the lines that were printed in the script's output. It should look something like this:


How can i do this?

Note (for those who know why I need this): I know that PyDev is integrated with the test program, but this is not enough.


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Ok, so I implemented this plugin myself. I think I am doing exactly what I asked for. I made it customizable with some rough regex.

I've posted the code and installation instructions here (GitHub).



Your own plugin that runs the script and parses its output can generate markers from that output. See .



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