Ctrl -] freezes the window?

I'm having a problem holding ctrland clicking multiple times ]in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008. Don't ask me why I should do this, I don't, this is just what I was trying to press. Every time I do this, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio freezes. This prevents me from scrolling or selecting text. I've tried the same keystrokes in Word (counting maybe something for a Microsoft-shortcut for something), but it just changes the font or something.

Does anyone know what a ctrl+ should do ]in a tool? and why will it freeze?


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if your window freezes on Ctrl ], just right click on your window in the system tray. I just opened it. I really wanted to close my window, but surprisingly, it responded by right clicking on the taskbar window button.



Definitely a mistake. I encountered an error copying and pasting the column names (I was always surrounded by a []), so Ctrl+ C, [, Ctrl+ V, ]and I, apparently, kept crtltoo long. not sure what he should be doing, but definitely freezes. I submitted MS - hopefully will be resolved in their new SP ...



I had the same problem twice. SSMS ctrl+ is ]supposed to use a shortcut to navigate to the corresponding END statement for BEGIN and Visual Studio to navigate to a CLOSE curly brace for an OPEN curly brace and vice versa.

I've used this many times in SSMS and VS and it has never presented a problem before. It still works great on VS. However, on SSMS it just hangs there for ages.



On Windows 8.1, SQL Server 2008 R2 still causes this issue.

If you have blocked SSMS by accident, move your mouse to the SSMS icon in the system tray. Wait for the preview window to open, then go to the frozen application preview and hover / wait until windows hide all other open windows and show the frozen window / application on the desktop. Once this is done, right-click the application's preview window. If you then return to SSMS, it should no longer be frozen.



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