Xpath validation fails when automated testing with maven / soap-ui plugin

We are using Soap-UI to write some web service tests.

I put this XPath check in one of these:

count(//mynode) > 1


This works fine when running SOAP-UI software, but when continuous integration (jenkins) runs it through the Maven Soap-UI plugin, I get this error:

[XPath Match] junit/framework/ComparisonFailure    


I am guessing there is a library missing somewhere, but can't figure out what to do.

It's weird that I don't link to any jUnit tests as I am just calling the webservices url.


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Finally I found that there is a junit dependency to add using this thread

Here is the dependency I had to add to my pom.xml file:



For maven-soapui-plugin.

The whole configuration will look like this:





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