PHP Preg-Replace: "period with numbers on each side"

I am trying to clear csv with timecodes and subtitles and change the timecode format.

For example:

timecode_in, timecode_out, text
01:09:37.12,01:09:40.11,and we felt very close to them.


I need to replace all periods in the timecode with colons. But I need to filter it so that it doesn't change periods in the text.

I think there must be a way to say, "Where the period has a number on each side, replace it with a colon."

Can anyone help me? I've never used regular expressions before.


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The way to say is lookbehind and lookahead statements



See here in Regexr


is a lookbehind assertion that provides the digit before the current position


is a forward-looking statement that provides a digit before the current position

But these numbers are not part of the match!



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