HTML5 cache manifest index.html not loading associated files

I am using a manifest file to cache my files. There are some index.html and some javascript libraries in between these files.

After I tested my web page, the files are cached successfully (I checked this with the web inspector), however, when I open the page again, the non-cache related resources get no response.

The link URL is approved because I can use the Copy Link URL parameter and paste the URL in another browser tab and get a response. But on my webpage I am not getting anything.

I tried using NETWORK: * with the same result.

Is it because index.html shouldn't be cached if it's associated with non-cached resources?



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The return header must be on its own line, for example:



(new line after colon).



Did you use the same template for index.html and undisclosed resources, or include an entry? In this case, you will get a master record for every page that you do not want to cache: every page containing a manifest record will be cached.



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