Using Ember with Enyo?

I am starting to evaluate frameworks for an HTML5 application. I really like the enyo model for app development. However, my application requires an Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for local storage and some way to update the UI based on changes in the ORM data.

It looks like Ember has some great ORM links and part updates.

Has anyone used these two together? Does it make sense, or does any of them (by itself) already address the entire problem space?

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I haven't tried to integrate them directly yet, but I think Enyo's event model will work well here. Offer the ORM to live as a top-level component in your application, and pipe it data change messages to your component tree using enyo.waterfall () or enyo.waterfallDown ().

I am doing something similar in a cryptogram game I am working on, where I use this mechanism to feed the player's guess information to a view tree, where individual cells use them to change their display.



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