Signal 11 (SIGSEGV), addr 00000000 error enters my application

when i start my application it works correctly but after a while my application closes and the control appears on the home screen. and logcat produces instructions as shown below.

INFO/DEBUG(27): Build fingerprint: 'generic/sdk/generic/:1.6/Donut/20842:eng/test-keys'
INFO/DEBUG(27): pid: 818, tid: 829  >>> <<<

INFO/DEBUG(27): signal 11 (SIGSEGV), fault addr 00000000

INFO/DEBUG(27):  r0 00000007  r1 411b9a50  r2 411b9a50  r3 00000000
INFO/DEBUG(27):  r4 411b9a50  r5 001b1660  r6 00000000  r7 45dd5cac
INFO/DEBUG(27):  r8 45dd5da0  r9 4257de48  10 4257de34  fp 00000001
INFO/DEBUG(27):  ip ad083e5c  sp 45dd5c48  lr ad047361  pc ad03fc86  cpsr 00000030
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #00  pc 0003fc86  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #01  pc 0002f480  /system/lib/ 
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #02  pc 001f3c3a  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #03  pc 00260b52  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #04  pc 000dac68  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #05  pc 000ecc5c  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #06  pc 000df8f4  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #07  pc 00188638  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #08  pc 001887b4  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #09  pc 001887e0  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #10  pc 00258aa6  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #11  pc 0000e434  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #12  pc 00040b0e  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #13  pc 00013198  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #14  pc 00017be4  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #15  pc 0001762c  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #16  pc 0005282c  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #17  pc 0005284a  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #18  pc 00047800  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):          #19  pc 0000f940  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):          #20  pc 0000f4b4  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27): stack:
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c08  45dd5c40  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c0c  001b1660  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c10  4182712a  /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex
 INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c14  4182712b  /data/dalvik-cache/system@framework@core.jar@classes.dex INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c18  001b1660  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c1c  00000001  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c20  00000007  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c24  4106ffe0  /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc (deleted)
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c28  001b1660  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c2c  00000001  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c30  00000007  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c34  ad047361  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c38  411b9a50  /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc (deleted)
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c3c  001b1660  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c40  df002777  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c44  e3a070ad  
INFO/DEBUG(27): #00 45dd5c48  00378450  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c4c  ad06c89c  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c50  ad03ff19  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c54  ad06c610  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c58  43825c80  /dev/ashmem/mspace/dalvik-heap/2 (deleted)
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c5c  ad06c610  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c60  ad03fc71  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c64  001b10b8  [heap]

INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c68  00000000  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c6c  ad02f483  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27): #01 45dd5c70  ad06c610  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c74  ad02ff11  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c78  45dd5cac  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c7c  411b9a50  /dev/ashmem/dalvik-LinearAlloc (deleted)
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c80  aa3dc5d0  /system/lib/

INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c84  ad02f409  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c88  aa1f3c25  /system/lib/
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c8c  001b10b8  [heap]
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c90  00000000  
INFO/DEBUG(27):     45dd5c94  aa1f3c3d  /system/lib/
DEBUG/Zygote(29): Process 818 terminated by signal (11)
INFO/ActivityManager(53): Process (pid 818) has died.
INFO/WindowManager(53): WIN DEATH: Window{43880100 paused=false}
WARN/UsageStats(53): Unexpected resume of while already resumed in

WARN/InputManagerService(53): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 818 uid 10022


how can i solve this problem. thanks adv ..


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This kind of failure is a firmware bug.

Try using your code on hardware or emulator running with the latest Android ROM not working (like Android 2.1 or newer). If the problem persists, create a project that can reproduce the crash and post it, your crash log and instructions on how to reproduce the problem at .

If you are running a modem ROM, the people developing the modified ROM may have their own error reporting mechanism.

If you're just running older hardware (it looks like Android 1.6), the bug may have been fixed in newer versions of Android.



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