Can't find a custom function

DECLARE @lastname VARCHAR(25)
DECLARE @birthdate VARCHAR(25)
SELECT @lastname = 'Smith'

SELECT @birthdate = '19-Apr-36'

INSERT INTO [TEST_TABLE](lastname, birthdate) 
VALUES (@lastname, (dbo.scrubDateDOBString(@birthdate)))


Is there anyway to get the previous request to work in ssms08?

I am getting the following error:

Msg 4121, Level 16, State 1, Line 5
Could not find column 'dbo' or UDF or collection 'dbo.scrubDateDOBString', or the name is ambiguous.

The following works:

INSERT INTO TEST_TABLE (lastname, birthdate) 
VALUES ('test', (dbo.scrubDateString('2/2/48')))



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Have you tried using INSERT INTO...SELECT

DECLARE @lastname VARCHAR(25)
DECLARE @birthdate VARCHAR(25)
SET @lastname = 'Smith'       
SET @birthdate = '19-Apr-36'  

insert into [TEST_TABLE] (lastname,birthdate) 
SELECT @lastname, dbo.scrubDateDOBString(@birthdate)


You may need to draw your @ birthdate

in a different format

if you need to do it, you can do it like this:

insert into [TEST_TABLE] (lastname,birthdate) 
SELECT @lastname, dbo.scrubDateDOBString(cast(@birthdate as datetime))




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