How to remove program file association for files without file type?

On my current Windows 7 machine, all files without file type / extension are associated with a program. When I double click on a file, instead of asking which program I want to use, it tries to open it with the specified program (Mass Effect 2 in this case). How can I remove this link since "File" without extension is not listed in Windows Extension Manager.

I have looked at this page here , but I do not currently have a registry entry, so it must be something else?

I would like to either remove this association, or at least change it to Notepad ++ (which I usually use to open files without an extension). I hope I phrased this question correctly as you can see this is my first one. Thank!


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I believe that the key you are looking for is . I have my Notepad2 hklm:software/classes/unknown

sp hklm:software/classes/unknown/shell '(default)' edit
ni hklm:software/classes/unknown/shell/edit/command `
  -f -t expandstring -va '"%programfiles%/notepad2/notepad2" %1'





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