Safari 5.1.3 Position: Scroll loading bug fixed has a POC of an issue I press while scrolling down the download page in Safari. The image image at the bottom of the page asks for an endpoint that will not return a response in order to keep the page loading and display a rendering issue.

While the page is loading and all assets have not been loaded, if I scroll through Safari version 5.1.3 (7534.53.10) the fixed position title will not display correctly. If you quickly scroll up and down in Safari, you should be able to spot rendering issues.

I cannot duplicate this in other browsers and need a solution that does not negatively affect the position of absolutely positioned elements. You can see the screencast here:

I missed something with the position: fixed?


This looks like a Safari bug. If you have a freeze page (loading forever - example here: the image opens in one tab in Safari 5.1.4 and the fixed title site in another tab (facebook, other examples here: http: / / ), if you scroll through the fixed header page, the header will show display issues.


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Two things for bulletproof code;

Make a div:

<div id="fixed"></div>


Semantic container on the page and add the following CSS declaration to the fixed div # rule



Hope this helps Jeff.



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