IOS: the most appropriate control to choose from between the two

I am developing an iOS application in which I need a UIControl that allows the user to choose between two options and only two options.

For example, suppose I am displaying a form in my application where the user fills in their personal information such as name, gender, hobby, etc. Here gender is a possible field for which there are only 2 options (other options are possible, but let's say we don't want that in our application).

I thought it would be helpful to use a custom version of UISwitch for such a case.

But then I start to think that UISwitch is applicable only in the context where something is enabled or disabled. Can it also be used in context where the user selects one of the two options? Is this against Apple's design guidelines? If so, what other UIControl can I use for this? (I want to use something other than a simple dropdown)


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- your choice.

You are free to use other controls (with custom look and feel) in your application as long as it doesn't confuse users.



I would suggest UISegmentedControl which requires your behavior.



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