Symbolicate crash file with dSYM and .ipa files

Is there any way to generate symbolic crash logs from my application, I have the following things

  • DSYM File
  • .ipa Application file
  • myapp.crash


  • I tried the symbolicatecrash script but it doesn't work somehow
  • Xcode is not working and I have Xcode 4.3
  • I even tried the 'atos' command but it gave me a c or c ++ file

I don't have a build file in my archive because of this because the application was built on a different machine?


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It might be too late .. but I saw the method in another link that I am currently trying to find: P

  • Rename your .ipa file to .zip
  • Open the zip file to extract the application
  • now run the symbolicatecrash script or delete the .symbolicated folder.
  • and restart xcode

If that doesn't help you, hope it helps others.

Edit: Found Place Symbolic iPhone Crash Reports in iPhone



Apart from xcode tools, you can use atos: / ...

Be sure to consider the slides: / ...



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