How to get duration of MP3 file in Android

I am working on a media player project and I want to rotate the image according to the length of the MP3 file I am playing, i.e. the image should stop rotating when the song is finished. I want to get the duration of the selected MP3 file so I can rotate time.

I have read this question Get PCM data from MP3 file in Android , but I could not see how to read song duration. How can I do this - is there any function or methods to get the duration of the file?


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Hope this helps you

MediaMetadataRetriever metaRetriever = new MediaMetadataRetriever();

String out = "";
   // get mp3 info

  // convert duration to minute:seconds
String duration =  
Log.v("time", duration);
long dur = Long.parseLong(duration);
String seconds = String.valueOf((dur % 60000) / 1000);

Log.v("seconds", seconds);
String minutes = String.valueOf(dur / 60000);
out = minutes + ":" + seconds;
if (seconds.length() == 1) {
    txtTime.setText("0" + minutes + ":0" + seconds);
}else {
    txtTime.setText("0" + minutes + ":" + seconds);
Log.v("minutes", minutes);
  // close object




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