What are * .dll.embed.manifest and * .dll.intermediate.manifest?

I created a class like this:

#include <iostream>

#define  DLLEXPORT _declspec( dllexport )

using namespace std;

class DLLEXPORT xyz
    void printclass();


And my goal is to export the xyz class to dll.

here's the .cxx file for it.

#include "xyz.h"

void xyz::printclass()


the project builds fine, but not in the debug folder. DLL. instead there are * .dll.embed.manifest and * .dll.intermediate.manifest. I want to know what these .manifest files are. And how can I get * .dll for my project.

I created this project in visual studio.


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You need to search in the solution directory, not the project directory.

A solution can have multiple projects, each with its own debug and release folder. Each project writes its final files to the solution debug / release folder, which is the directory that contains the project folders.

Assuming the solution name is also XYZ, Take a look "Documents\Visual Studio\Projects\XYZ\Debug"



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