Implementing video call function using facetime (cannot return to app when call ends)

I am trying to make a chat application, text communication using APNS and in my application - another option for video calling. I am using facetime for video calling feature. I have the name of the button "Video Call", when this button is pressed, the following code is executed:

NSURL * url = [NSURL URLWithString: @ "facetime: // "]; [[UAppication sharedApplication] openURL: url];

It opens Facetime and calls

My problem is when the call ended, my app didn't start automatically!

The problem is in the details: Let's say I have two iPads that have the same app installed. This app has a button called video call. The app works on these two iPads. Now I press the video call button to call. Facetime opens in my iPad and the calling iPad. When the call ended, my application did not start automatically, but the recipients application did start automatically.

I tried the same thing on UIWebView using the following code but facing the same problem!

<(a href = \ "facetime: // \"> Video call <(/ a)>

My problem is with the end caller, not the receiver end. I want to go back to my application when the call is over. Can anyone help me solve this problem?



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Still didn't get the exact solution, but I found the tricky one ::

When the call ends from the end of the caller, tap and slide your iPad with four fingers when the iPad is in landscape mode. When your iPad is in portrait mode, swipe your right hand across it using four fingers. You can now see your application.

If it doesn't work, you can scroll left / right / up / down with four fingers. One of them will work for you. It really depends on the orientation you are currently viewing.




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