MathJax rendering blurry

MathJax rendering in browsers (right) is much blurry than the equivalent PDF rendering in LaTeX (left).

Is this a Javascript limitation, browser limitation, MathJax limitation, bug, by design or something else? Is there a way to improve rendering?


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The rendering quality of fonts depends a lot on the browser and OS you are using. You didn't say what it is, but the results look like Chrome or Firefox on Windows. Here is Safari on MacOSX:

(source: dpvc at )

and this is IE9 on Windows 7:

(source: dpvc at )

while Chrome on Windows 7:

(source: dpvc at )

Thus, the results depend on the browser and operating system used. This is the result of different font rendering technologies, and in my experience there is nothing you can do about it. Perhaps someone with more experience with fonts than me can suggest a way to improve this.



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