Positioning projects in eclipse that are not in the workspace

I have several projects that are stored on my local machine but are not in the Eclipse workspace I am working from. But when I open the same Eclipse workspace there are projects in there. How is this achieved? Is there a parameter in the workspace metadata that determines where the project is stored? Are there any advantages to using this approach instead of storing projects in the workspace?


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The workspace is designed as a logical container for projects, and it happens that it can also be a physical container for them. Many times, you need or need to store the contents of a project somewhere in your filesystem that is outside of your workspace. One common example with some source control systems is you checkout files into a source controlled location (like git, Perforce, VSS, etc.). In this case, you want the Eclipse Project to view its content in a version-controlled location instead of the Eclipse workspace.

Many people like me like to keep projects organized in my file system in different ways that are not tied to a specific workspace. Another reason, although less common, is for the same project to load into two different workspaces. Remember that a workspace is a logical or virtual container; this will not always be exactly how you want projects to be organized on disk. If your projects are kept outside of the workspace (s), this allows workspaces to be temporary in the sense that you can create and delete them without losing the contents of the project.



Each project has its own folder in the folder <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects\

. Each project folder (project outside the workspace) contains a file named.location



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