How do I keep special characters in filenames when converting from SVN to Mercurial (Windows)?

I am using hg convert

to convert SVN repository to Mercurial. But special names such as Γ¦, ΓΈ, and Γ₯ (Danish) appear in filenames Γƒ | ø and Γƒ Β₯.

The exact command I used was:

hg convert http://svn.server/path/to/repo repo-hg


I am using TortoiseHg 2.1.4 with Mercurial 1.9.3 on Windows 7.

How do I keep the original special characters?


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These corrupted characters are UTF-8, mis-translated as (probably) Windows-1252. As @LazyBadger said the global option --encoding utf8

might help. Can you point me to a public Danish server to try to clone?



You will skip the global option --encoding ENCODING

where the encoding should be the encoding of your filename (e.g. after some chcp XXX you can read the filename in svn ls

, you should be able to read the filename correctly after a polished conversion)



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