How to get max and min value with other column values ​​in excel?

I want to get max and min values ​​with different column values ​​in ms excel 2007. I have two columns

| Column A | Column B |
|A         |   18     |
|B         |   78     |
|c         |   9      |


I want to print the maximum values ​​and minimum values ​​"Column B" with values ​​"Column A". Please suggest a formula for me.


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The following formula will find the maximum value in column B and return the value from column A that is on one row:



In your example, the result will be "B".

Note that if the maximum value occurs in column B more than once, only the first will be processed with this formula.

For minimum, just replace MIN instead of MAX.



One way: select a cell to output data, for example. D2. Then select

Data> Consolidation ... Function: Min., Ref: $ A: $ B, Use Labels In: Left Column

and repeat using the function: Max.

Another way is to use a pivot table.



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