Profiler time between a specific time range?

I wonder how I can customize the time profiler tool to show me the calls that are made between a period of time. I don't want him to show me all the runtime challenges. Is it possible?

I am trying to use flags, but I don't see anything to change.

Mostly I want to focus on a specific peak.


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The ability to drag and drop on the timeline in the tools to simply include results from that time range. Simple as it is, really.



There is no (what I know) anyway to trigger arbitrary flags in the Tools from user code. I came up with a couple of alternatives.

The simplest one is to send a call sleep(1)

right before and immediately after the material I want to look at, which means I can easily identify the period of total downtime right before and after the zone of interest. Crude but effective.

Another alternative is that you can use a custom toolbox tool for specific calls. It can also provide you with other elements in the timeline that you can use for reference. They can be tricky to create and do, so more often than not, I use the more crude method described above.




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