Fancybox2: horizontal transitions instead of vertical - how?

On the page while searching for ( CTRL+F

) for image gallery

and click on the first image, here is this image gallery that you can browse with next / previous arrows. The animation between them is vertical - images fly vertically. How do I set them up to move horizontally?

In the help we found:

openMethod / closeMethod / nextMethod / prevMethod

Method from $ .fancybox.transitions () that handles the transition (you can add special effects there)

But I don't know where to go from here.

Also, it's a little bit related .


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You can create your own custom transitions here:



        prevEffect  : 'none',
        nextEffect  : 'none',
        helpers : {
            title   : {
                type: 'outside'
            thumbs  : {
                width   : 50,
                height  : 50


try this i am sure it will help



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