Difference between handleRequestInternal and handleRequest

I just started spring, I found that somewhere we are using a method handlerequest()

in the controller and somewhere we are using a method handlerequestinternal()


I tried using this but didn't find any specific point.

Can anyone explain what is the difference between these two functions and when should we implement each of them?

As I know the spring framework will call the default function handlerequest()

, so we can put our service layer there.

I'm sure I handlerequestinternal()

should provide some additional functionality, but I'm not sure.

Please help me understand this.


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Both handleRequest

and handleRequestInternal

used the old infrastructure Spring 2.0 controller.


used when you expand one of the previously prepared basic support classes (eg AbstractController

, SimpleFormController

etc.). They use the template template template and you provide your business logic in this method.


is a method specified on the interface itself Controller

. If you are directly implementing this interface rather than extending one of the above base classes, then you need to directly implement handleRequest


Both are deprecated and not used in controllers written for Spring 2.5 and later.



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