Sharing codes in VS 2010 projects

This might be a silly question, but is there a good way for a small team (not using TFS) to easily share codes across VS 2010 solutions?

IE, if Project1.DLL is referenced in Project2, then every time Project1 is reissued, the reference in project two must be updated.

Is there any reason? Thank!


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This is how I would organize your repository:

enter image description here


Both Project1 and Project2 must have their own code line at the same level.

Project dependencies are handled by branching / Project 1 / Main to / Project2 / Main / Dependencies / Project1

Project1 may consume more projects.

Code changes in Project1 should be done in / Project 1 / Main, and changes should be forked to projects that need changes.

I don't know Vault , but I hope it can handle this setup. I have a setup like Team Foundation Server 2010.



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